The method to play online FIFA 17 UT Mode and players recommended

Posted on 05/26/2017 by admin

My formation is 433-4.You can find my 2 major winger, Martial and Mahrez’s goals are not too many, even less than assisting. So my center striker plays an important role to score. Batshuayi, this card brings the benefit exceed my cost on him too much. My cross style becomes the main reason that I choose him, strong and height make header easier, I am quite satisfied with his cut, even his figure of header only common 73, but he cut in for goal over 10 times in my memory. This card’s figure is 81, but the key figures are very nice, 84,81 double speeds are above average for a striker. 83 shooting and positioning ,4 stars week foot give your money’s worth. I am quite satisfied with his shot. In addition to his 84 agility, 82 lustihood and 185 height. As to shortcoming 65 physical strength as for a ST with 21 defense, the figure is just so common. Secondly, the figure of pass is too low, although in actual his passing is not so bad.

Anyway, I like this card so much, although there will be a better striker to replace him, but at the present, his contribution is over his cost too much. At least I will not change him before buying Ibrahimović in Premier League.

At this version, I think the physical strength and model are more important than the former. Fellaini as a midfielder I also like him so much. His defense covers large area, header is inapproachable, when he protect the ball just likes a wall, nobody can move him.

In my formation, among the 11, I like Fellaini, Toure, Bellerin, Batshuay and David de Gea.

Fellaini: His model is quite good, defense are is large, physical strength is also quite good.

Toure: His ability of defense is the top-class in FIFA 17’s midfielders. Shooting , positioning and strength of long shot are 80+, model is outstanding, comparing with FIFA 16, his physical agility has been weakened 6. The shortcoming is 21 involvement, as a midfielder is weak.

Bellerin: Speed is too fast, when he faces the common wingers, he could hold them.

David de Gea: You know him. He is the only one could controlled by AI among the 11. Long shot and long save are terrific. But his ability to save the single ball and low shot far corner is not so good. The reason why I buy him, that long throws’ character has been joined in this version. Long throws is the weapon to strike back. The main people in FIFA 16 are Neuer, Cech, Courtois and handanovic.

Among these 11 players, 2 are lower than my expectation, one is Martial, the other one Mahrez.

For Martial’s figure, I quite expect for these actually. But the operation feeling is not so common.

Mahrez’s speed is low a bit, but as Premier League’s best right winger, his instantaneous acceleration is nice.

Zlatan Ibrahimović, saving enough money to buy him, an attack core on the center striker, winning 7 seasons’ 7th T, 6 matches 9 goals and 3 assists.