Figure out how to safeguard in FUT 20 with these tips

Posted on 01/13/2020 by admin

With a bigger spotlight on manual controls, guarding in FUT 20 is significantly harder. Here’s the way to ace it.

One of the most outstanding changes players will see when they get FUT 20 just because is exactly that it is so hard to shield.

EA Sports has made manual protecting considerably more significant, as you can never again depend on the AI to do all the difficult work. As amazing supervisor Sir Alex Ferguson once stated: “assault wins you matches, barrier dominates you titles.” Here’s the way to ensure your group is strong at the back.

1. Try not to depend on your AI

In FUT 19, guarding was a breeze. You could hold down X/A (contain) or R1/RB (second man press) to have one of your players press the adversary on the ball while the remainder of your safeguards would keep up a decent shape. Presently, carelessly accusing of your protectors isn’t powerful; you must be in charge, patient and savvy with your guarding. Truth be told, you scarcely need to contain or utilize the subsequent man press by any means, so you’ll have to figure out how to move (L2/LT) successfully. More on that later.

2. Get your strategies and guidelines right

So as to increase any favorable position you can, it’s vital you get your strategies right. While you should, obviously, examination and hope to perceive what suits your style of play, there are a couple of explicit player directions that will support your safeguard.

Having two CDMs is extremely helpful for screening your backline and you can make your midfielders increasingly viable in doing as such by requesting that they cut passing paths. Brisk passing moves in FUT 20 is increasingly troublesome, so block attempts will be particularly significant; however in case you’re truly battling you can likewise educate your CDMs to drop between your safeguards. It’s additionally prescribed that you educate your wing-backs to remain back when you’re assaulting, as changes to pace has made counter-assaulting deadly in FUT 20.

3. Figure out how to move successfully

Having the option to move is the thing that will isolate great and incredible players in FUT 20. Holding down L2/LT will make your safeguard hold his ground, enabling him to either track down a pass or essentially prevent a striker from progressing forward.

On the off chance that you hold down R2/RT simultaneously, your player will quick move. This makes your safeguard move around rapidly and alter course on a dime, while as yet keeping down the forward. Holding down the two triggers enables you to make a great deal of progress, which is excellent when searching for interferences in midfield. However, on the off chance that you need to handle, you should dash or quick racer toward the assailant and afterward let go of run when inside handling range for a progressively precise test.

4. Practice your player exchanging

Unquestionably the way to shielding great is choosing the correct player and having the option to switch rapidly. As opposed to depend on the programmed switch, attempt to utilize the right-stick to manual select the player you need to control; particularly when blocking strikers from run in behind.

In spite of the fact that you ought to likewise utilize L1/LB to switch once in a while, particularly in case you’re hoping to shut down a player rapidly. To assist you with doing this, there is another setting in player controls called ‘ball relative right stick exchanging,’ which will center your auto-changing to players closer to the ball.

5. Capitalize on hard handles

In FUT 20, you can decide the intensity of your handle by holding down the standing tackle button (O/B) or slide handle button (Square/X).

A full force hard handle will send your player rushing forward, which can be incredible for shutting enormous holes, yet on the off chance that you miss, at that point your protector will be totally out of position, making it an unsafe procedure. Rather, two bars of intensity gives off an impression of being the sweet spot, where your handle will even now be sufficiently able to forestall any bounce back, however hold some precision and situating.