FIFA 17 accessible and practical players recommended

Posted on 06/02/2017 by admin

For many FIFA 17 gamers, how to choose suitable players is a big problem. Now, our editor recommends some accessible and economic players to you, if you interest at it, go on reading!


Defoe + hunter or hawk

Advantage: Good positioning and shooting, the small model leads good operation feeling. 54 yards can shoot from any position.


Its speed is not so fast, 3 stats fancy, lack countermeasure. Especially when he meets larger model, he will suffer losses.



Advantage: Balanceable ability, outstanding physical strength, nice tackle adds to its model. Cross could be treated as an extra move.

Shortcoming: Bad long shot, and slowly ball output.


Emer Can (defensive midfielder)

Advantage: No matter from speed, pass, defense, model and physical strength, he is Premier League’s best defensive midfielder.

Shortcoming: weak foot is not good, attack always makes forward. (In this version, defensive midfielder’s characteristic is cutting, though you take the set to deep.)


Black Reid

Advantage: Quick reaction speed, real defensive iron gate.

Chem. Style “Anchor”

-CB: 93

-CDM: 84

Shortcoming: His model is a little worse.



Advantage: Good model, speed and defense are nice, 3 stars fancy, not bad cross. Nice dogfight ability.

Shortcoming: Fewer than 90 speed.

PS: Ordinary golden Clyne is stronger than Walker.

At the end, how to choose the goalkeeper of Primer League. Because I am fan of Liverpool, I won’t talk about David de Gea.

Such as Lioris and Mandanda, you had better don not choose. Once they meet long shot, they can save hardly.

My main problem is which to choose between Begovic and Butland. From my opinion, Begovic is well balanced, and Butland is easy to burst out.


Black Braithwaite+ hunter

Advantage: Nice speed and positioning, 54 yards + 4 stars SM. Hunter could remedy his shortcoming of shooting.

Shortcoming: Hard to cause chemical reaction, only co-ordinate French set or Ligue 1.

PS: When he is on playing area, he is a fighter.


Black Gonalons + shadow

Advantage: Height, speed and defensive ability are nice. 54 yards and 85 short pass belong to powerful ball output.

Shortcoming: Model is big enough, but agile.2 stars fancy, lack of long shot ability.



Advantage: Both height and model are good. Shooting is also not bad. 4 stars fancy.

Shortcoming: All aspects have a little difference with top.

I recommend Pato, because Brazil is lack of striker.



Advantage: All

Shortcoming: ?

He is a perfect winger in my heart.


Black Sokratis

Advantage:Model and defense are nice, 80 speed is over the top. In now version, speed becomes more important.

Shortcoming: Chemical reaction is difficult to cause. Only fitting to Bundesliga or grouping with Manolas.